Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shakin' it off

Some day off. I didn't do shit today. I'm okay with it. Moving on with my life...FUCK! Seriously, Twilight? You couldn't just throw in some titties for the guys like me who saw your movie for reasons other than wanting to? One fucking tit?

Moving on, some asshole started writing a bunch of shit about me and my band today. Shit like that really gets to me. It wasn't a review, or constructive criticism, just straight shit-talk. I know things like that shouldn't bother me, normally I'm pretty thick skinned, but I was PISSED. This motherfucker is going to make fun of MY voice and MY songs? Here's the thing; if you can't do something, whatever, you don't matter. But if you claim to be an "artist" or singer* or whatever, you better be doing something pretty god-damned amazing to talk shit to a group of people who are out writing and recording and performing music simply for the love of it. So when this has-been washed-out pillow fucker comes out and says My shit is no good and I'm a hack, my blood just BOILS, man. Whatever, he probably fucked his dead grandparents, and now to bury his guilt he slams the people in this city who still have something to offer. Fucking creep.

OK. Just had to get that out. I'm good now. I'm gonna take my "narrow, small minded musical tastes" (metal) and go play some Crooked Fingers records before I go to bed. Yeah, mellow.

Love Adam

*I fucking hate it when rock singers refer to themselves as artists.


  1. I'm assuming you will eventually tell me the story behind this douchebag that's talking shit...

  2. SELF-reflection is SELF-destructive.