Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is anyone else tired of whites?

I haven't written in a little while. I don't think it really matters, either. The five of you that read this probably talk to me everyday anyways, so you don't need to read it. Anyhow, getting back to it, I noticed last night that local white college-looking kids are starting to take on stereotypically urban (black) behavioral patterns. I suppose this has been happening for awhile, what with the bad gangsta rap blaring out of shitty car stereos, and hip hop attire(I dig gangsta rap and hip hop attire, but c'mon, you know what I'm talking about). But last night I noticed the classic walk-in-front-of-a-passing-car-very-slowly-and-glare-like-you-belong-in-the-middle-of-the-road move being practiced by all the twenty-something drunk white kids and got kind of pissed. Anybody else notice a spike in this activity? No? Fuck it, I don't want to come off sounding like a Mel Gibson-assed hate monger so I'll move on to other subjects. I think I just hate everybody younger than me now that I've quit drinking. Fucking arrogant pricks with their beer bongs and cross-culture meanderings. I think I might just be jealous. Fuck.

So my friend still isn't over his chick that dumped him and it's beginning to piss me off. I'm sober, impatient, and already kind of an asshole, so this mopey sad bastard shit has me at my wits' end. There I go again. Ok, posi, posi, posi. (Deep breaths) What is good?

Oh, hell yeah! The new Coliseum record is pretty tits. Same goes for the new Crooked Fingers ep (kinda sad bastard, but still kick-ass. It's got a Thin Lizzy cover). I started making mix tapes this past week for a handful of people, that will be mailed out whenever the fuck I remember to send them and feel like that is a priority. An awesome friend out of town has been sweet and we talk on the phone and mail things and I guess I'm pretty stoked about having a pen pal even if I would prefer being much closer and having the option of naked roll-arounds with her. All in due time, I suppose.

I got nothing. I wanna go ride bikes. I'm gonna go make that happen. If you read this shit, tell your friends about it. I would feel like writing a lot more if I knew a shit-ton of people were soaking it all in and judging me everyday. I love those of you who I love, and the others can fucking die. Listen to Pantera when you're sad. It works. IT FUCKING WORKS!

Love Adam

suck it

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  1. Yeah i have bitched about the self entitled punk asses who walk slowly in front of your car, i hate that shit. I haven't noticed it occurring more frequently though. As far as the mopey friend goes I always try the nice "im here for you, lets go cheer you up" route first. After too long, I become the tough love friend who takes the "wake the fuck up and do something with yourself, life is too short" route. I also enjoy snail mail and the tangible aesthetic of mail. i send people packages and never get anything in return, so i have been doing it much less lately. I have never tried Pantera depressed but next time that happens i'll give vulgar display of power a try..well here you go. 1 more person who will follow your blog and say shit about it. i have a photo blog that I just started and ill be posting shit in just about every state on my trip.