Monday, August 9, 2010

A Slight Departure

I dreamed I was far away, south, away from everything. I dreamed that along an old county road I came upon a magnificent magnolia tree, it's full blossoms exploding like the fourth of July. That is all. The dream didn't need a resolution, it was perfect in it's simplicity. There I was, basking in the brilliant shade of this timeless moment.

Now I look to a time, at the end of this road, when we meet again, for the thousandth time, still feeling like the first. And I will reach into that dream, and I will draw forth a single, lovely flower, and it will be our compass to guide us down paths untraveled, and we will know when we reach our destination by the long-grown shadows embracing us like a home.

And this evening can last forever, if only we allow it, if only we accept that this is real, that the fine line between asleep and awake, between dream and reality, is the road we were meant to be on. We never need to fall asleep again, we never have to wake up from this dream.


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  1. The sooner you realize that time is nothing more than the next Must See Tv event, the sooner you'll realize that PBS has nature specials...occasionally about Magnolia trees.